About that Time in Tokyo…

Tokyo, Japan – September 2019

This past September, I visited the marvelous city of Tokyo, Japan.  While we were there, we had wonderful weather, and tons of things to do.  The most enjoyable thing probably being teamLab borderless, located by the port side of the city.  This is a unique experience filled with unbelievable art and projections.  It’s hard to describe, your have to see it to believe it.  We walked through markets, saw temples, and interacted with the Japanese people wherever we went.  The thing that stuck out to me the most was the overwhelming kindness that was shown by the people who live there.  Even on the busy subway, there is a waiting system for those getting off the train and those boarding.  I will attach some pictures that will illustrate what we saw and what we did.  If you ever have the chance to visit this wonderful city, be sure to take it all in, because you’ve never seen anything like it before.  

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